Welcome to the RedditMC Donation Store

Sale: Limited time sale for premium ranks, all prices are cut down by approximately 30% >> Ranks can be bought at https://store.redditmc.com/category/1 or through the navigation bar

This is the official (currently) donation store for the Reddit Minecraft Server. Here you can buy items to support the server. The money will go directly towards paying for the server costs, which you can view on the bottom right of this page.

Our buyable items include: special perks across our game modes (including several unique commands and abilities to help with your game play), special crates keys to open crates that reveal amazing surprises, packages of our own global currency - Creddits - and last but not least, our specialized titles/ranks.

Special perks include Survival WorldEdit, Anti-fall damage, Night vision and many more perks >> Can be bought at https://store.redditmc.com/category/11 (***)

Crates Keys include the Super, Ultra, Mega, Legendary and Ultimate keys (sold individually and in packs of 10) >> Can be bought at https://store.redditmc.com/category/4 (***)

Commands include the /fly, /autosmelt, /feed and many more commands >> Can be bought at https://store.redditmc.com/category/5 (***)

Titles include several community based titles that are humorous and attractive at the same time >> Can be bought at https://store.redditmc.com/category/8 (***)

Premium Ranks include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond (Monthly Subscription), Platinum and Supporter (No fixed costs(**)) ranks. In addition, rank upgrades can be purchased to increase you rank >> Can be bought at https://store.redditmc.com/category/1 (***)

Creddits can be bought in bundles of many sizes at very cheap prices, including bundles of 1 000, 5 200 and 11 000 >> Can be bought at https://store.redditmc.com/category/Premium%20Currency (***)

Again, if you have the time, please consider supporting us as it will help tremendously in running and developing this server. Enjoy!

(**) Donations must exceed 5.00 USD to obtain this rank

(***) Buyable items can also be found through the navigation bar on the top of the homepage

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